Friday, 6 March 2015

Some babies are just adorable :3

Don't you agree when seeing a baby smile makes your day.I love babies even though I'm actually scared of having one :)).Not that I intend having one soon,calm down :))
I think that babies are so cute and soft and cute and fat and AWWWWWW. :)
They melt my heart.Even when my baby sis was an actual baby I loved to watch her even though when crying she was the ugliest creature ever :)).I'm sorry sis if you are reading this but just couldn't help it.
I know what you're thinking and I agree.Some babies are weird.Especially when they give you "the stare".I've seen lots of babies on the street and some of them are just creepy when they watch you without actually blinking :O.
A funny story,not with a  baby though.I was at the doctors,waiting to go in and while waiting,in the lobby there was a little boy.I was wearing my scarf around my chin,so the boy told her parents that I had a beard :))
It was so cute,and the way I was feeling,I needed a good laugh.Thank God I have good ears :))
It's hard to be a parent but seeing your child grow up into a good person pays of.
And if while they've been babies they were cute and silent,even better :))
My mother keeps telling me up untill today I was so noisy and kept waking her up at night :)))
No wonder I like to sing so much today :)))Sorry Mom :))
Don't you just love beeing young.You could be fat and lazy and everybody told your parents you were cute.Now,if you're fat and lazy,your parents call you fat,tell you to lose weight and work to pay the bills.Thanks parents :P
I leave you with some cute pictures!
Have a nice afternoon and Enjoy your quiet time :)


So cute :3

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