Saturday, 21 March 2015

Active Saturday

So today was such a relaxing day :)
I biked a lot today.First to get some water(twice) and then to get some food we needed and I saw like the BEST Yoga mat I've ever seen.I returned Imediatly to get it.It's purple with pink floral patterns.It's so beautiful I was a little worried that I wont get to buy one,but they were still there :))
Anyways,I still ate not so good things but watcha gonna do :))
Starting over tomorrow :))
Keeping myself active helps me relax.Even though I feel tired after a workout,later I feel a boost of energy and I feel so proud of myself.Plus,I'm the type of person that gains weight really fast,so I have to be carefull.But having a familly with such sweet teeth,It's REALLY HARD to be healthy,especially if they don't care as long as they eat what they want.Which is not good for them and the doctors keep repeating them to be carefull with what they eat but they don't give a fish.
And also tomorrow is my mom's birthday :D so we already started eating cake :))
Tomorrow I'm starting a diet :)))))
But the thing is that "diet" isn't like that bad,I mean I'm just cutting out sugar and pastry(A.K.A. fattening things).I won't eat a cucumber for every meal.I think that people asociate the word "diet" with a negative meaning.When people ask me if I'm on a diet when I refuse to eat fats or sweets,I answer that I'm just taking care of my body and eat healthy.But they're like NAH,I'm on a diet,I want to lose weight and stuff like that.Which,in my opinion is stupid to judge people by the way they are eating.We all have a choice on what we do on this planet,so who are these people to judge?Only God can judge us, remember?
Ok guys,so to sum up,be who you want to be and eat whatever you want but remember to take care of your health Ok? ;)
I'm not here to influence you in any way.I'm just speaking with my heart :)



  1. I'm on that "diet" almost every single day and it's amazing :)) :))
    also, Happy-Happy Birthday to your mom ! >:D< Have Fun at eating cake :)) :3

  2. Thank you and good luck with the "diet"!If you are healthy and happy,that's important!Stay away from the diabetees ;) :))
    Much love :*

  3. Welcome! Hope she/all of you had a lovely day ^^
    & yes, from my point of view, with happiness you can easy be healthy. and thanks for the diabet-advice :))))