Friday, 20 March 2015


OMG like today is the first day of spring,there was a solar eclipse and it is going to be a super moon or something like that and also tonight it's going to be equinox.Holly fish this day is pretty special.
Change of subject.Today I just bought myself a Banana-Cherry tea.And it's super good and amazing!:).It tastes like dessert which is good if you don't want to cheat and still have something sweet.And tea is a good way to keep hydrated and happy :).And also it helps cleanse and relax your body.So drink tea!It's good for you!
I might not be a doctor but I've learnd for the past year on how to healthify and keep strong your body.Altough I'm human who makes mistakes,I try to correct them the next day.Because that's what makes us humans.We make mistakes,but we must learn from them.We should'nt be put down for our mistakes.And even if this happens,we should always stand up.Because that's what makes us winners.
Ok so Sping is here,which means the weather gets warmer,the trees will soon bloom,and the flowers will smell so good:)
Spring is my second favourite season after winter.I like winter mainly beacause of the snow.And also my birthday and favourite holiday are in winter.That's why I'm always excited when December is near.And that means Winter break from the school >:D<.I love Christmas for the presents and that my family reunites and that we seem happy even though 90% of the year we are stressed and sad and lonely and depressed(or is it just me?:)))
I wish life was more than school and work beacause that's what we mostly do.I honestly envy Youtubers for having an easier life.I'm not saying that their life is completly easy but they seem like having a lot of fun and they get to travel a lot....
Ok,so my loves,enjoy spring with it's freshness and let's reborn with the nature toghether :)

Spring is in the air!



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