Monday, 9 March 2015

Good looking actors are fit for action.

Currently watching The Technicians.So far a good movie,the actors selection is really good,the subject is interesting.Shortly,watch it,It has a like from me ;).
School was so long and boring today I literally feel less inspired Boo!!!
I allready want weekend.Also this weekend I tried for a job and currently wainting answer.Why is it taking so long to get one :(.I HATE waiting.Don't you?
Back to subject,how come some good looking actors also can pull of stunts or can play as geniuses.Tham I wish I was them!
Really unispired :(
Hope tomorrow will b bether.
Sorry.Had so  many test recently plus the stress plus a little of bad alimentation...Last week was a long ass bad week.I cannot wait for some Holidays.But by next month our class might go on a 1 day field trip.Awsome!Hope this time we are visiting something exiciting.
Sorry again for short post.Tomorrow I'll try again :)

With love,
Happy belated Women's day!

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