Monday, 23 March 2015

New obsession&Motivational Song

Omg like I can't stop drinking tea!
I realised that Spring is here so that means weather might be to warm for tea so it's my current drug.It's so good and I have sweetner,so NO SUGAR sweet tea!!!DESSERT ;)
Have you ever tried banana-cherry tea?Or rasberry-cranberry tea?What are you doing with your life?Like the best things ever!!!Healthy and good!If you have problems increasing your water intake,the best solution is to drink tea.If you want to skip the sugar,try Stevia,it's a natural sweetener from a plant with the same name,really low in calories and healthier.I know it's really expensive,the only downside :(.Being healthy in general is expensive,but with a little effort,it's manageable.
The motivatonal song I was talking earlier is blogilates's song "Bodypop".
It's so inspiring,not just for getting you ready for fitness but also with things that you find difficult to complete right now.Check this song if feeling let down or in need of inspsiration ;)
I'll go listen to it now beacause lack of inspiration :P

Have an easy week guys ;)


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