Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How I stress and stress talk:)

Lately I've been kind of stressing beacause I had simulations for the final exams in 12th grade,and I really wanted to do great so I kind of stressed when not needed.So now I kind of have PMS even though my period is far away.I craved chocolate today and ate almost a whole bar.I just couldn't stop no mather how my sole said "don't"!And also I felt really sick and tried to take a nap that turned into a deep 1 hour sleep.I felt so weak after waking up.I think the flu I had still has some marks on my body beacause I still feel soreness in my muscles(especially my back) .I'm going to try to take it easy later.
Today I started reading the 4th book of PLL and holly smokes,it's so ADDICTING!!!
If you ever experienced early PMS :))  after or before stressing,it is normal and you're not the only one.SO CALM DOWN.And just take it easy.
I sometimes hate when school does this to us beacause we are exposed to early to stress which in most of the times we can't handle :(.
I think we shoul have more than 2 days of weekend!I think we should have Wednesday also free of school to have time to do all that homework and freaking rest MORE!
We are supposed to be responssible but don't you think a teenager who is pressured can be at around 15-16-17 years?Our generation,in my opinio is so rebelious so how do you expect us to be responsible??:)).I'm not saying we are not but it's harder.Give us some time to mature please!

A lott of blabing .Sorry :D


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