Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The joy of reading

If I could choose between my laptop,my phone and my Kindle,I would personaly burn my laptop&phone and live happily with my Kindle.Well,I would still need my laptop for getting the books in there and to charge it,so forget the first idea.:))
As you know,I was sick for about 6 days,so I had to stay at home.I had to study,I admit,but I would most of the times feel energyless,so I had to lie in bed.And what better way to forget for a little I'm sick than by reading.I've said before that I recently got into Pretty Little Liars.I read 2 of them in 4 days :O.They are so adicting and I just want so bad to find out who IS A and what other secrets does she want to reveal about the girls.She's so evil.I like her as long as she stays away from me :)).
Imagine being followed and blackmailed by a creepy stalker you think is your dead best friend.Scary :(.
I prefer to read books I pick for myself cause I enjoy them more.If someone buys a book for me I'll feel pressured to read that book and give a good review about it.It sucks :(
I appreciate my friends who give me books,but PLEASE ask me first what I like beacause you might screw up with your choices.Not meaning to be mean,just ask.It's not a crime ;)
After Pretty Little Liars,which are 16 books :)),I don't know what I'm going to read next.Basically,not know what to do with my life after this :)).
Any suggestions are welcomed in the comment section down there ;) :*
I would like to hear your voice more often guys ;)
Love you,
Alexandra :D

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