Sunday, 8 March 2015

That moment when songs get stuck on my head...

I just sing them all the time.They are so annoying but at the same time I cannot stop singing them or watch the music video over and over again.Even though after a week max I might sing another song :))
Right now I'm obsessing with Boyfriend's Bounce.Yes It's a K-pop song.Yes,it's catchy.It's annoyingly catchy.Even the dance is AWSOME.Even the English scaterred here and there is catchy.
Yes,I'm mumbling it right now ;)).Oh no I'm going on Youtube to watch it.Damn you good song!
They're also good looking.I need therapy!!!
Last week it was Rainbow's Black Swan which is so addicting which it's beat and chorus.And also love the dresses they are wearing.Every single one of them.The live stage's outfits are just stunnig.I wish I had at least one of those dresses.

I know what you are going to think.Yes,I love K-pop but I also like american songs.It's just that korean music is so different and unique.And the lyrics are not over sexual and even some dances are fun to follow or you can just enjoy watching.And I now I have a problem but at least It's not an addiction that harms my health in a dangerous killing way.Well,only if you become a saesang fan.That's when things cross a line.But I'm never going to idolise someone in a way I want to harm them.In case you don't know,to be a saesang fan means to love or hate them in a creepy way like wanting to steal their stuff or poison them.And those things happen,sadly.
I hope you enjoyed your weekends,and don't forget to start your Mondays smiling :D

Alexandra :)

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