Saturday, 22 August 2015

To all the noisy people.

Dear noisy people.I don't know why when I want silence you somehow appear.
Right now I'm in a book shop and I wish I could enjoy my book.
But thanks to some random girls I stopped.
I know you are not going to read this post and I hope I'll never meet you again.
I usually try to stay calm but I think I killed them a few times in my mind.
I couldn't enjoy neither my tea or book.But you know what.I hope karma will be a big bitch and return all of my anger.
I'm so not interested in hearing your gossip or your loud laugh or loud phone conversation.
Despite all my glances you decided to ignore me and go on with your rudeness.
This is a message I hope won't offend anyone but still.
That's why Coffee shops exist.For people to meet and chat.

I hope I made you think.
I hope I didn't sound rough.
I love all my readers :)
Stay safe ;)


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