Friday, 13 March 2015

BIG HERO 6 review :)

OMG...THE CUTEST MOVIE EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At first I though of crying from all the cuteness and the touching things they were saying.But then I couldn't stop smiling from Baymax's adorable expresions,super cute back hugs(which I wish someone would give me)

and the:Are you satisfied?
Gawd too ADORABLE :3
You have to watch this movie.It's so touching,so life inspiring.It basicly looks like an animation with superheroes but it slaps you in the face with the life lessons and with so many morals such as:Loved ones remain in your heart/Loved ones will allways be with you :)
Or Never give up of who you want to be.Or familly is more inspiring than anything else.Or Fight for your dreams.Or never fear to try something scary(Like jumping out of a window :D).Ok,don't jump out of the window,it's dangerous.Only if you own a SUPER adorable fat robot companion.Which by the way is nothing wrong.And 4 other cool genius friends who can turn into superheroes by night.That would be cool :)
Ok,so to summarize everything,just watch this movie no mather age because it's very enjoyable,it puts a smile on your face and you can change your perspective in many points.
The story takes place in an imaginary town called San Fransokyo(which is a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo).Basically a combo of old and new,or western and asian if you want.

The story revolvs around Hiro,a 14 year old who is basically a genius who enters his dream colledge,but there are more ups and downs into his story(not spoiling much).That's when Baymax,his brother robot made for him,appears in the scenario which is the best thing EVER.And of course the 4 other cool heroes.WATCH THE MOVIE,PLEASE!It's the best movie to make to forget a little about the stress of the school,work and a great movie to bond to with familly,friends etc.
Have a great weekend sweethearts :D


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