Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I have the best friends ever!

I cannot express how awsome my friends are :3

Story time ;)

So today I got the worst neck pain in the history of neck pains ,so bad that I couldn't look to my left or up.It was horrible :(
And so my friends decided to go to a supermarket and buy some goodies.I wanted bananans.I got bananas.You have no ideea how much that meant to me :))
Also,after joking in the bus about how I would arrive at home with my neck,my friends decided to take me home.We walked but it was still better than walking by myself with my neck in that weird position.And after arriving home I literally cried of pain,so my friends made sure to cheer me up :3

Today made me realise how special little things can be.Food,friends and laughter can heal more than money or medecine.

Please please plase appreciate your friends because true friends will never stab your back and will take care genuinely of you.And they deserve your time,attention and even money if needed.Money comes and goes but true friends stick with you.Give them some appreciation and love ;)

Hope we can all do that :)

Have the best day ever :3 :)

With love,


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  1. OMG, darling <3 how sweet!
    Hope ya're feeling better now. I'm here for you no matter
    the time if you need something! ^^