Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How many times people have told me to change


Too many times.
I think I reached Infinite.......

                                                    Not this Infinite though :))

Since Middle School I was told to change to fit in.
I was told I should shave my body hair (not head though :)) ) ,to dress prettily ,trendy, to hang out with the cool kids etc.I realised I hated what people doing these things were ,so I just hanged out with people I liked and enjoyed spending my time with.Time is precious so don't spend with people you don't like.

Later in high school,the people who were telling me what to do came back.
This time the people have changed,the topiks have changed yet I didn't change too much.

"You should wear makeup".
"You should wear girly clothes"
"You should fix your eyebrows"
"You should straighten your hair"
"You should wear heels more often" (I guess You've read a while ago about my opinion on some torture...I mean girly stuff).


So why do people tell people to change either :have too much time
have low self-esteem that they feel like they should change me for not being like them
or it just was imprinted in them due to societys demanding manner
or all of them....

I opened today discussion because I kind of reached a point in my life where I wish people liked me for being a tomboy,noisy,loud,immature,crazy etc.
Sometimes I ask myself if people realise they don't do anything by telling me to change,they just make me not want to change at all because I attract their attention.1 :0 for me :P :))

So to conclude todays subject ,I would like to tell you to just keep your mouth shut in these situation and instead say "You are one ..............(insert what you would like to change like crazy,tomboy) mofo.I love you <3

Positivity is the key.Ya a** holes :))


Oh and feel free to tweet me,instagram me ,facebook me if you would like me to comment on something.Do it.I know you want it :))

Yours ;)

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  1. Darling you're perfect the way you are <3
    And if people tell you to change is probably 'cuz they
    think you're better than them :*
    I Luv Ya!