Monday, 28 March 2016

How being an introvert gets in my way

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So today I'm going to talk to you about how I became an introvert and how being one basically ruined some of the best moments of my life:
So I think I started growing introvert in Middle School when I was bullied a lot and I felt sad for maybe 3 years straight and I just wanted to be alone and I lost my hope in making friends and talking,even going to school lost its charms.I think I was just fine with school,I didn't hate it,but I started to when I was in Middle School, when getting to school was depressing not because of my grades but because of the people I had to spend time with.Sometimes I'm happy God took out all the toxic people from my life from me when I went to High School.And these days I start to believe in karma because I hear some crazy stories of what happened to some of them.

Later in life,even in high school my introvertness (making up words today :D ) followed me but it wasn't so bad.I still have a handfull of close friends,sometimes I wish I had more but I just can't handle big crowds :3
So making friends is hard,but I'm thankful for the people that stuck by :*

This year my introvert side was in bloom because of exam stress and even Driving School didn't help.
Because of being shy and scared,I failed my driving exam twice :O
I'm so thankful I still passed on my third try even though I feel like it was still pushed but anyhow,I'm a driver now :3
Even my dad admited to being a good one.And he's very picky :O

I forgot to say that being the introvert I am,I can hardly stand for my friends and even with my own decisions.I even experience trust issues :3...Little miss crazy me :))

So that's all for today.A belated Happy Easter!

Lots of love and all of you,be brave!You're worth it :)


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