Monday, 6 June 2016

What dissapointed me lately

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So today's post is not going to be a sad post, but more like a brainstorming one.
So I'm aproaching exam season and,of course, I wanted to get some extra tutoring to complement my knowledge.And so I went back to my old Romanian teacher, but I wasn't the only one.One of the ones who wanted tutoring was one of my ex-classmates.And I thought if we were no longer classmates, we could talk as equals, but turnes out it waSn't the case.He is,to this day sort of bullying me because I'm a hungry thinker(when my brain is in a state of intense activity, I need a snack.I guess it's a way of my brain of telling me to recharge or reward myself for the work).But he keeps nagging me for wanting snacks.I see nothing wrong with snacking when studying but I guess some people have such a well developped brain, theirs can function non stop.And also,I've noticed that he also bullies me for the person that I was, an introvert not engaging in conversation, so he would, like, encourage the others to talk to me as well and include me in their conversation.But I guess he never thought that I speak my mind only when I have something to say but again.I guess I might be so introverted that I could crawl under a rock any second.
The thing that pisses me off isn't his immaturity, but his superior act that makes the others act the same way.Of course the ones who know me shut up, but the others just follow.Again, the choice of following the one who starts the noise just to be cool is stronger than a proper sense of humanity.
I'm not writing this post to make him feel any worse cause he won't.And this is not the purpose of this post.I want to conclude this by saying that speaking mean things and acting superior won't bring around you people you can trust and keep close.
I'm actualy dissapointed, so I wrote today to kind of take something off my soul.
I hope you keep the right people around and that you surround yourself with people who make you feel special in a good way and who lift you with the purpose of making you a better person.

Have an awsome day and good luck if you have any exams coming up and you feel like the world is a sad place.I'll cover that some other day :3

As Michelle Phan always says :)

Good luck,


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