Saturday, 5 December 2015

How makeup works(tips from a girl who doesn't use makeup)

                  Imagine makeup, pink, and make up
In the 18 years that I've lived on this planet,I've used makeup for a little while in 8th grade(some lip products and mascara),after that I didn't care anymore about it,so I didn't invest in it.
And oh how smart I am/was.I mean, hundreds of dollars spent on makeup?No thanks.
And also I've noticed there is not one instruction manual.There are so many ways to apply makeup,which means you have to own a great amount of products.Again , no thanks.Who has so much space and money for something like that.I know what you're going to say,girls do.Well guess what.I'm a girl who owns more than a hundred books or her shelves,more than a 100 on kindle and has  read more than, let's say ,300 in her life.Yup.Was that an investement.Yes it was.Was it smarter than makeup.1000% Yep.
Now now girls,don't take this post as an attack against you,you can obviously own books and makeup at the same time,but I chose books over makeup and I'm happy I don't have a hole in my pocket :D

Again don't get angry,I respect every single girl who has the ability to apply makeup.My hands tremble like an old persons hands so I gave up,plus when you have little to no money , you gotta make priorities ;)

Have an awsome weekend and don't get mad,this post was supposed to make you laugh or relate, dahhh!


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