Monday, 7 December 2015

What's wrong with my curly hair?

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Another random wtf topic.
So,what is with curly hair?
I had it since day 1(true fact) and I loved it.No staightener has ever touched my hair and I'm super proud of that.Still, people ask me why not?Because I like to have hair on my head and not hay.
And I wouldn't invest in an "iron for my hair".That shit was meant for clothes :)
But then I'm not considered a girl because I'm not burning my hair.Being a girl means burning your hair and painting your face.Call me tomorrow and tell me to cry cause right now I'm just getting ready for bed :)
Or another question is if I curl it.You've known me for 4 years and you ask me if I curl it.Wow...
I understand if you don't know me but if you

Or another.If I use any products for curly hair.I had no idea these things existed.
Or they give me tips on how to make it more curly or more straight,what products should I use,what straightener should I use.And I answer the same:Good talk,are you done now :))

On a serious note.Why do people want to change us.Why can't they accept the way we are.I know it's hard but just shut up.
I'm going to tell you this.Please accept me and don't change me.Talk to me about something else.

But if you try to reccomend me stuff,go to a psychologist because you piss me off.

So that's it for tonight,have an awsome week ;)

Toodles :)


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  1. I used to have curly hair when I was little, but after the first time it was cut..not anymore ����
    But you know I love yours tho :3 ��