Thursday, 3 December 2015

Age doesn't matter!

                    Imagine beauty, text, and ‘beauty has no age
So,this post is kind of random,but it kept bugging me lately, so I had to take this weight of my sholders.
Last week on Friday I was at Romanian tutoring with 2 others guys and when the teacher left the room for 2 minutes or so,they started making sexual comments and looking to sexual photos with jokes about sex and "a language" I was kind of familiar because I still enter the world,and they were like you're too young,you're just 17(18 tomorow) and you don't know this stuff you're too young and bulls**t like that.
Let me tell you that your age has nothing to do with knowing sexual language.Obviously since we live in the 21st century we are exposed to things like that so I wasn't unfamiliar with their jokes.But the fact that they laughed in my face for being too young and not knowing their crap pissed me.
I know they won't read this but I feel dissapointement with their treatment towards me,and I would like to say that being a girl or being a year younger than them doesn't make me incult and ignorant with all the crap that "mature people "know.
I f you're a guy or a girl and you do this,I'm sorry to break this to you,but this doesn't make supperior,it makes you look like a lonely perv.I've said it.Now everbody go to sleep and forget about "those persons".They're not worth wasting your energy on them.Secretly they wish to have this attention because of their insecurities.

Good night/day :)!


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