Friday, 17 November 2017

My exchange experience in Lille Part 1

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So, as of today, I have been almost 4 months into my exchange program.
I am currently studying in Lille, a nice cit 20 km away from the Belgian border, north of France.
The city is lovely with it's influences and all, but I'll say one thing. It looks boring to me. Maybe because I've been travelling too much. The overall city architecture did not blow me away. Not to mention that when I arrived in September, people were drinking and pissing on the streets. At least my dad loved it.
For me, it's been a tough time. I'm away from my family&friends. What makes it tougher is that the other people my age are quite...uninterested in life in general. If never heard such quiet people. They do talk, but sometimes I can barely hear them. Most of the times, they are glued to their phones. Which basically means there's not much interaction happening. So my routine became such a routine that I no longer feel motivated. If it weren't for all the school trips, I would have been severely depressed by now. While all the adults here seem to have some flavor in their life, the 20 year old are dead.
Other than that, I have been quite able to take care o myself, do all the things that I wouldn't usually do(like laundry or groceries).
Classes are soo different here I am still having culture shock. A class here last about an hour and they happen one after the other, no 10 minute recess in between. It's been a daily race o get to class. Also, the teachers seem to like to talk to a muted class. Students rarely engage in conversation, probably because that's how classes happens here. Teachers talk, students nod and go to their next class. It's so different than being asked each and every one of us to talk like back home.
Also, I nicknamed Subway my weekend restaurant cause that's where I have lunch every weekend. Most of the week days, I eat at the school cafeteria. They offer decent meals for 3,25 (you get a pat on the back for this France.)

If you have questions, feel free to ask them :)

See you guys in the next one :)



  1. Oh thanks gmail for the notification πŸ˜‚ I haven't read your blog posts in ages😭 I didn't think their classes are like this *overthinks life* but anyway, cheer up, its an experience after all, boring or not... I can't wait to see you soon!πŸ’• Take care of you, Destiny! πŸ’•