Sunday, 14 May 2017

Your feelings can affect your perspective

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Dear reader,
Have you ever felt very happy that other person's sadness didn't affect you?Or very sad that you felt that nothing could ever make you happy again?
Let me tell you the story of my first time in Bucharest.
It was a Friday, sometime in April. I just arrived in the train station at around 9am. After a sleepless night, I was feeling pretty weak. Yet I wanted to sort out the stuff that I came here for. After that thing was not sorted out, everything came down on me, no matter how much I tried to convince myself it was ok. I started visiting the sites that I planned on seeing since I had a full day to travel around. After an encounter with a rude person, I felt quite sad and wronged. But then again, I went on with my day.After I boarded the train back home that evening, I felt relieved, yet sad that I knew another 9hour train ride was awaiting for me to get back home. Again, I didn't sleep and the following morning, I arrived back in Timisoara feeling happy that it was over. I described the city as being ok, yet I confirmed to myself what everybody said: Bucharest inhabitants were rude, the city was ugly; I never want to see it again.

Around two weeks later, I am landing on the Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest. I felt so happy coming back here, travelling in style on a plane that took us here in 50 minutes (screaming internally of joy). Thsi time I was on a short vacantion with my father. I met the nicest people ever in my dad's friends. They fed us, hosted us and showed us some amasing places. Also, I helped make a tiramisu which was way better than a bakery made one. I met nice people all over Bucharest: a couple that are more than willing to help and cook with and for you, a waiter who served us nice cakes and the best orange juice in Romania(reminded me of the one I had in Spain), a joking museum ticket seller, a willing to aid us underground/subway helper, a dancing snake, proof that narwalls exist etc( I know the last ones are not humans but yolo right). I left Bucharest with a peaceful soul because now I knew I can always come back and not feel so lonely or scared.

The conclusion to the story/stories.
The time when things didn't go my way altered my view of the city overall. It wasn't its fault at all. We are the ones who are in control of what and how we see things. Even how we react to them. When things go wrong, everything seems like clouds are above us. The same goes the other way round. Positive sees positive, negative sees negative. So if any time you feel like something/ everything goes wrong, think back of the good times, and remember not to judge the book by the weather( haha smart word play ) :D
Always find a different perspective to look at something. And try to give second chances. That second chance, you're giving it to yourself ;)

Thanks for reading,

Take care.


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