Sunday, 29 January 2017

You would look great...

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This will sound strange, but I was peeing, and then a thing that happened to me back in highschool sort of clicked and maybe triggered me to write this post.
I've talked in a couple of posts how people have always commented on my appearence , and this episode was quite shocking for my 15, maybe 16 year old self.
It happened on the corridor of my highschool back in 9th or 10th grade, and I was chatting with some classmates (girls of course because the great majority of my classmates were girls) and, I don't remember how the discussion was oppened, but one girl said this to me:
"If you would do your eyebrows, put on make-up and straighten your hair, you would look great".
My old version kind of was left perplexed and just smilled and ended the subject there, but my 19th year old present self feels this way. I hate it so much when people try to change the way I look. They think that a better version of myself would please people around me. But have they ever asked themselves If I was pleased with my looks? Or maybe ask me more important stuff like, how's your health? How's your moral? Are you feeling sad? Did you eat your meals?
I've never understood why people would do that. Especially girls. Because, let's be honest, I think one or two boys commented on my looks but that was it. Why do girls feel like saying these things?Do they feel better about themselves? Do they think they're helping?I don't feel helped. When a 15-16 year old girl hears stuff from like that from other girls, it hurts. It's like saying "change your looks because people don't like you and your current one/ones." So what if people don't like me because of my looks? So what if I dress like a hobo or like a heiress? I don't think it makes me be more human.
So what if I have a unibrow, big bushy eyebrows, a make-up free face? Who allows you to spread venom to young girls who are insecure? Why do you, being yourself insecure, spread more insecurity. Just shut up!
As I get older, I've lived enough to know how to deal with this kind of crap. And I couldn't be more proud to be an older sister to teach my younger sibling what's good for her and how to deal with bitches. That's right. Bitches. If you don't have nice things to say, you're a bitch. Go to the mall and spend as much money as you want on make-up to cover up your imaginary flaws. I'll be sitting here, drinking my hot chocolate and watching Scooby Doo episode because I like it. And I couldn't be more proud :).

Spread positivity because that's what you want to  come back to you :)

Good luck in your new year :)


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  1. That's why I ♡ you, dongsaeng! F* them bitches and be yourself. *hot potato hug*