Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New winter look,Romania's national day and a little update :)

 Imagine december, winter, and welcome

Hi guys!
So DECEMBER is here!I can't believe how fast time flies :)
But this year was awsome.I partcipated in so many projects,I had an awsome summer,school is a pain in the butt but when wasn't it ?: )))
But the most exciting thing for me was(and is) driving school :O
I can't explain how amasing the feeling of being behind the weel and driving is. AWSOME!!!

So today,the 1st of December, is Romanias National Day.I would like to express my gratitude for this country which is amasing and worth living in.No country is perfect,so I appreciate you ;)
Plus,you host my friends and family,myself,some awsome cities and touristic places and some awsome views worth photographing :)

Next week is my birhtday .Getting old :)) Jk. I already got more presents than expected and some awsome friends by my side.What could I ever wish for?

Have an awsome day( I know I've used this word way too much)

Alexandra :)

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