Monday, 31 August 2015

Back to school season :))

Oh,yes...Back to school//For some of us sooner,for some It's STILL COOL....
But just you wait when you are again locked between 4 walls with people you might not like and start studying :P
And everybody will agree that school is a place for readuction and punishment.And yes I just queted the definition of "jail" not school.
We should at least appreciate that we don't have to work,altough it feels like it.
And I know.It's boring.And long.And tiring.
But there must be something positive.Oh!I know.
All the good friends you make in school :)
All the fun.I know.You can have fun in school I tell ya ;)
All the nice teachers that actually wanted to help you and support you.
To all of your achivements in school,I raise a glass.
Here's an interesting k-pop song,and there is a part of the corus that says "I hate you,but I love you"
I guess it suits school ;)
And also I want you guys to remeber Ladies' Code who lost 2 members in a tragical accident last year.I support you ith all my might and wish you can come back and that Rise and Eun B will never be forgotten.They went to join the angels :)
 Here's the link to the song.You guys should check it.

I wish a good time in school.Don't stress and enjoy your time :)



  1. I ain't say you're wrong, sweetie, but as much as sometimes i want the school to start, the next second i wish for more summer :)),<3

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