Sunday, 1 March 2015

Long,luxurious bath :3

I'm supposed to have simulations for the baccalaureate which would happen in 12th grade tomorrow.
Current mood:IDK :O???

After this post I'm 100% possitive I'm going to throw myself in the tub,insert some bubbles,play somemusic and chillax >:D
What do you do when you take a bath?Do you use bath bombs?Read?Listen to music?Eat?
Sky is the limit.I just chill while listening to K-pop.
I guess I studied.I guess I'm ready.Now I'm not nervous.Tomorrow I might be.I don't know how I feel XP.
If you watch Korean drama,I'm that carater that always is like:Otoke?Otoke?(What do I do?)
I'm also quite bored.And also sick of being asked how I'm feeling.

Back to subject.
Baths make youe clean,make you happy,end of the story.Let's go get one!

More longer posts the following days.Currently out of inspiration with all the drama of the exams.
Here are some pctures with animals.

Good night!

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