Tuesday, 17 February 2015

One cookie please :)

Hi guys!
So today we are not going to talk about cookies.I know,we all LOVE cookies,they are heaven's blessing.But today we're going to talk about something really important.

Can you guess?Not a recipe.Tho I might leave you a healthy cookie altenative at the end.
WE are going to talk today about manners.
Yes,those things are parents always complain we don't have.
Things like :Say please and Thank you can actually,And I'm REALLY serious when  I'm saying this,improve your mood.No mather if you are saying or hearing it,it is proved that manners improve not only our behavior,but our mood.
For me personally,I like to hear please and thank you when needed.That's why I try to make sure I return them.
Saying please and thank you and being well behaved can help you get stuff or something you really want.But pretending to be polite does not mean actually being polite,so try to be honest when saying these things.

I've dealt in my life with many unmannered people.From classmates to teachers,from people on the street to shop assistants.Still,I met many polite people who helped me!
So don't worry!Nice and mannered people are still out there.But I feel we should try our best to behave well.

Even getting a cookie :)

Now the recipe :D

You will need a banana(or any fruit that isn't too juicy) and some oats.
Warning!I usually eye the ingredients,so just wing it ;)
In a bowl,combine the banana with the oats untill they are kind of the same consistency as a dough.
On a oiled,sprayed or nonstick tray,place you dough in any shapes you want,put them in the oven at medium to high heat(my oven can't go that high so I suggest you keep an eye untill they turn golden ,not brown).
You can add whatever you want:I added also cinnamon and coconut shreds.
Enjoy! :*


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