Sunday, 15 February 2015

Make this day good :)

1.Start your day by smiling.
Smiling makes your brain release endorphins which make you more happy and energised :)

2.Make yourself a special drink.Whether it is cofee,tea,vodka....Ok,No vodka for the morning.That's for evenings.Ok,really now,stay away from vodka...IT'S BAD :P

3.Start your day with a healthy breakfast.Fruits are rich in vitamines and minerals that your body needs.Or you can go for something cooked like oatmeal,a veggie omelette etc.The internet is full of recipes for you tot try and remix.

You don't need to kill yourself with HIIT or Cardio,just get moving a little bit.Try Yoga or Streching.You'll feel 10 times better and energised ;)

5.Say to people you Love "I love you".Works anytime to make you feel better ;)

6.Give hugs.I try sometimes to hug my Teddy Bear when sad ;)

7.Laugh...Internet is full of funny things.Or laugh with your friends.

8.Get productive early.
Whether you do something for work or for yourself like writting a story,do homework,paint,draw, just do IT.You'll feel so relieved at the evening when you'll realise you don't have to work and just chill :)

9.Listen to music.Jam to your favourite songs.These are the BEST WORKOUTS EVER :)

Hope these tips help you :)
If not,here are some pictures with good looking food :)

 Enjoy your day :)


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