Saturday, 14 February 2015

How to make a thoughtful gift to your Valentine :)

Since I don't have a Valentine,you're probably going to say something like "You don't have experience" but you might be suprised...........How many movies I've watched :))
No but seriously now.Making a cute yet thoughtful gift might turn you into the best pair ever :D!
So without further ado...Let's get started :)!


Girls would always apreciate a nice bouquet of roses.The bigger the better :)

OK.Maybe not that big.Even one means "I love you",so boys.... breath :D

Girls like it when you prepare somthing special like breakfast in bed.

This also works for guys F.Y.I. ;)


Guys realy don't mind if it's simple or big.Make them a big dessert and he's yours ;).Or you can ask them.That's cool too ;)

Something original like cards can make the day awsome :)

Some ideas :

Ok maybe this one won't do :))

If out of ideas just go with the flow ;).Take time to relax with nice drink and a Netflix/other sites marathon.

Hope you had fun cause I sure had :)
See you later 

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