Friday, 13 February 2015

Hi I'm a panda! :3

Probably the lamest post so far.Still in school.Still not much inspiration.Weekend is around the corner so I'll be prepared :D
More facts about me:
Hi!I'm Alexandra...I'm 17 :)
I'm from Timisoara,Romania.
I like to do stuff that I like(Thank you miss obvious)
I like to sing,listen to music(big fan of K-POP).
I like to read books.Especially fantasy(And yes,I read Harry Potter :P)
I prefer being online than wachting all the bulls**t on T.V.
Ok...I admit...Not everything is bad...Just 90% :))
Ok calm down...I like to watch cartoons :D

More facts later.Hope you enjoyed ;)
Much love,

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