Monday, 16 February 2015

F.A.T. &U.G.L.Y.

Hi guys!How was your day?Mine was soo long I though I would die :(.
Kidding,just way to long :/

Ok.You might wonder from the title what does f.a.t. stand for?No,it's not the adjective fat which by the way sounds like the worst insult you could tell someone.
I'm trying to find out today how can I give it a better meaning.
It could be Fine and tender...Fit and tall.......Funny and trusworthy.......Fergalicious and tentacles???
Ok maybe not like that.But if you look again,any insult can be turned into a compliment.So when someone calls you fat,it means you're fabulous and tenacious.

Same story with u.g.l.y.
It could be Universe glows like you...or.......Unforgettable gracious little youngster.

My point is that,in every mean horrible word someone tells you,knowing the true mening(that it is an 
abbreviated compliment) doesn't it make you feel better;).

Short story.When I was in middle school,I was around 165 cm and was quite chubby and kind of a weirdo so people made fun of me.Now at 170 cm and some healthy weight loss,I feel that I outgrew those childish things with the help of good eating,good workouts and encouraging friends :).

Hope it was inspiring :)

Don't let people tell you who you are!

Much love,

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