Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Are you a pet person?

Do you guys have pets?
I don't :(.
Sadly beacause my familly aren't that keen on having pets...So I just have to deal with having a sister.Which is basically the same :)).
No but seriously,I would love to have a pet,but,I don't know if I'm responsable enough to take care of a pet.I barely manage to take care of myself honestly.It takes a lott of time and effort.I wouldn't want to own a pet and not beeing able to take care of it :(.

I'm sorry to say this but...Having a pet is expensive!!!
You have to buy them food,medicine,take them to the vet,to training school...Basicaly they have almost the same needs as us.Isn't it weird???

ANd you need to invest so much time....And thinking about all the furniture they distroy,not having a pet doesn't sound so bad.
Ok,this post isn't going anywhere.
I might sound like souless human.Maybe I am a souless human :P.

Don't misunderstand!I still love animals!
They are cute and puffy and energetic and funny.They make the biggest youtube stars,like furr real :3.

Love your pets!That's the conclusion.
Don't have time or money for a pet,don't get one.
End of the story.

Bye bye!

See you later :)

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