Sunday, 15 February 2015

A way to escape...Travelling :)

Have you ever wanted to escape so bad from your boring,everyday life but never new how?
Since I'm a Saggetarious(which I'm not so sure if to believe what it sais about me),my caracter is bassicly willing for travelling and freedom.I can agree with this one because travelling became an adiction for me,when in second grade our class went on a trip to Venice.Not that I remember all of it ,but the feeling of beeing outside Romania was.....I have no words to describe it.
It was my first time out of Romania and,from that moment I knew my life would change.My dad was with me and I,shockingly,found out how good he was at speaking italian.I think this was one reason I really wanted and still want to learn as many languages as possible.
Currently I CAN speak Romanian,English and French fluently,I had no problem whatsoever when I went to Paris and London which was awsome beacause it felt so good seeing how locals appreciated me speaking their language.I also know some Spanish,German,and currently trying to learn Korean.

Traveling made me feel good and free,so it is something I'm looking forward to doing in the future :)

My next destination I was thinking about was Sweden,but my dad really wants to go to Rome so I'll have to agree(not that I don't want to go to Rome,don't misunderstand ;)

What I'm developing right now is traveling in my own hometown.I know it sounds funny but,let's be honest.How many of you can actualy be good tour gides in your own hometown.
I discovered last summer when,thanks to a program called Grow which you might be familiar with,when foreign teachers asked us to tell the what they can visit,I remained silent.
That is when I started to research and explore more of my town and actually enjoy.When I have nothing better to do on weekends,I take long walks without a concrete destination.It is really pleasant so you should try too ;).You might be pleasantly surprised.

Hope you liked my story :)

                                                                         Much Love,

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  1. I understand what you're talkin 'bout <3 Travelling is the most amazing and interesting thing. If I could have the possibility I would travel everywhere in this beautiful world ^^